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Aubrey Organics Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant Spray - Ratings, Reviews & Customer Feedback


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Aubrey Organics Inc.

Information from manufacturer website:

If you prefer the convenience of a spray, this herbal deodorant will keep you naturally fresh all day without irritation. Fights odor with antioxidant vitamin E, plus calamine and calendula blossom oils.  


Deionized Water, Natural Grain Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerin, Calendula Oil, d-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Camomile Oil, Arnica Extract, Rose Water, Calamine Powder, and a complex of Sandalwood Oil, Patchouli Oil, Jasmine Oil, Fir Oil, Vanilla Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Rose Oil.

Customer Feedback:

"...smells wonderful, it does exactly what it is supposed to do--super effective--and there are no scary ingredients involved...."

"...the only deodorant that doesn't break me out and fights odor very effectively as well which is probably easy for it to do for me since I'm not a sweater...."

I did not have a single reaction to this spray (very nice), it did not even make me itch however it wasn't enough protection throughout my day...."

--Actual user comments from Aubrey Organics User Reviews section

"...even seems to keep odor at bay when I work out. Some may find the scent rather strong...."

"...If this product does anything for body odor I do not know what it is... in fact I find myself smelling noticeably worse (although the smell is natural and not chemical!) when I use the product...."

"...Smells great and has no bad after smell. If you sweat a lot, this might not be for you, unless you plan to carry it with you and use it throughout the day...."

--Actual user comments from User Reviews section

Average Cost:
$8.75 (+ shipping)

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Our Final Assessment:

Aubrey Organics 
Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant Spray got better reviews than we expected (we have used it, and don't care for it at all - it does not work for me if I get even remotely warm, and also I don't like the smell and find the spray an inconvenient method of application). About 70-80% of the reviews we found were very positive - of course, deodorants are one of those products whose effectiveness varies WIDELY depending on body chemistry. That said, this is priced pretty comparably to other all-natural deodorants, and the bottle is good-sized and should last a long time.  It has a quite good EWG rating of 2, and it is made with 100% natural ingredients, so it gets our highest "Naturalness" rating. We rated it as an 8 overall.